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There is a lack of transshipment terminals and logistic centers that provide up-to-date level of cargo handling in North — Western region. Maritime ports are the key elements of transport complex and provide connection between various types of transport. 60% of foreign-trade cargo turn-over of Russia goes via these ports.

Analysis of existing transshipment situation in North-western Federal district enabled JSC AVRORA to elaborate the construction plan of «AVRORA» transshipment terminal on the territory of Gorki port complex in Kingiseppe district of Leningradskaya oblast.

On July 29, 2008 Interdepartmental Commission for Economics of Location on the territory of Leningradskaya oblast made a decision to approve intensions of JSC AVRORA for accommodation of AVRORA transshipment terminal on the territory (lands of state forestry fund) of 322,7 ha of Gorki port complex on Northern shore of Luzhskaya Bay, region of village Gorki in Kingiseppe district of Leningradskaya oblast.