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Fig.2 General plan of AVRORA transshipment  terminal
Phase I
Full growth

Terminal structure

Territory of AVRORA transshipment terminal comprises three cargo zones:

  • Southern cargo zone (SCZ)
    Import, export:: cars — 2 moorages, wheeled cargo — 2 moorages, general cargo — 5 moorages.
  • Central cargo zone (CCZ)
    Cabotage: general cargo — 10 moorages.
  • Northern cargo zone (NCZ)
    Import: cement — 4 moorages.

Every cargo zone is made up of two different technological zones: operational and production zone.

  • Operational zones include the following objects:

    Operational zone of general cargo: water area, cargo moorages, loading-unloading yards, storage yards with daily cargo turnover capacity, passways for cargo and technological transport.

    Operational zone of wheeled cargo and cars: water area, cargo moorages, storage yards with daily cargo turnover capacity.

  • Production zones include the following objects:

    Production zone of general cargo: cargo storage yards with 15-days turnover capacity, unclaimed cargo yards, customs control yards, arrested cargo yards, seized goods storehouses, customs offices, loaders? garages with repair boxes, garages for tractors with repair boxes and yards for semitrailers, administrative and household building, canteen, materials warehouses, treatment plants, car scales (entrance, exit), control check points (entrance, exit), passways for cargo and technological transport.

    Production zone of wheeled cargo and cars: customs control yards, car storage yards with capacity of 15-days turnover, customs offices, bonded goods yards, loading yard with a slipway, control check points (entrance, exit), car scales (entrance, exit), treatment plants.

    AVRORA transshipment terminal structure includes common administrative and household zone.

    AVRORA transshipment terminal structure also comprise the following hydraulic constructions: cargo moorages of frontal type with spreading to the water area at the distance of 450m — 800m from the coast line, operational water area, engineering roads.

    The project provides construction of all buildings and engineering infrastructure required for port operations.